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Known for songwriting and singing unique and intricate piano and guitar-based songs since 2004, Brittany’s newest songs, and first-time series of single releases in 2021 have electronic beats and bass grooves as a foundation. This new sound, what has been called, ecstatically jazzed ethereality, is also peppered with layered musical instrumentation.

The most recent songs have gone through many transformations in lyrical and song production including adding a Novation Launchkey Keyboard and Ableton to the mix. First starting slowly in song production, engineering, arranging and editing tracks, Brittany finally arrived at a fuller electronic sound of musical textures that continues to evolve.

Brittany has collaborated and performed with many musicians, adding songwriting, instrumentation, lead and background vocals to various projects, performing live with one band, Grenadilla, at SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Washington D.C., at Pete Seeger's Clearwater Festival, and at The Mountain Jam Festival in New York.

Collaborations have also assisted with Brittany's musical sound evolution. Jienan Yuan, one of the producers for Pieces (Jienan Yuan Remix) was instrumental in making that version of Pieces danceable, adding a funky bassline reminiscent of a 90s club mix.

Brittany loves to share her passion for music. She believes we all can choose to use the pieces we have to instigate necessary creative expression and connect to others. 

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