Music Lessons

photo by: Star Blue

Brittany at the piano

Brittany loves to share her passion for music with others. She started taking classical piano and theory lessons at age 5, joining a choir soon after, and she continued these formal piano and choir lessons for 7 years. She used her knowledge of piano to begin teaching herself guitar and later took private guitar lessons at The Mike Risko Music School in Ossining, New York. She started songwriting, and has created over 40 songs with piano, guitar and electronic production using a Digital Audio Workstation. 

Brittany has worked as a language teacher with students ages Pre-K through Community College since receiving her Master's degree in 2006. She likes to integrate theory and fun into lessons and currently assists beginner and intermediate piano students and beginner guitar students learn scales, improvisational skills, chords, sight-reading and songwriting, among other musical concepts. 

Brittany received an Audio and Recording Production certificate from Sonoma State University; recording engineering, live sound, and production concepts can also be mixed into lessons. 

Private online and in-person music lessons are available; she also teaches lessons at Art and Soul School of Creative and Performing Arts based in Windsor, CA.

Sheet Music

"Brittany, as a music educator, is clearly committed to teach and empower young musicians to pursue their own musical goals. She lights up when talking about teaching people about music, and she is clearly energized by teaching others. As a former student of Brittany’s, I strongly recommend her as a teacher. I am grateful for her joyful energy, her deep knowledge of music, her ability to be fully present with the student, her patience, empathy, her intuition, and above everything else, her contagious loves of both music and teaching." - Jaye

"I’ve known Brittany for 22 years now and in that time, I’ve only seen in her a complete dedication to the arts, both in her music pursuits where we have collaborated, and her open approach to the creative process overall." - Jienan