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Brittany Aquamarine

Songwriter, Musician, Piano Artist

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Brittany Aquamarine is a California-based singer-songwriter and electronic-jazz piano and keyboard artist. She has developed a musical style that has electronic beats and bass grooves as a foundation topped with evocative lyrics, vocals, and jazzy keyboard. Drawing from her musical loves of electronic, jazz, trip-hop, dance, neo-soul, and jazz hip-hop, she also credits Bjork and Tori Amos as being fundamental influences with their unique and eclectic songwriting styles.

Brittany released her first set of four single releases in 2021: This is Now, Amethyst Grows, and Pieces (an original and remixed version). Her most notable recent performances have included  playing at the Railroad Square Music Festival, a free Northern California festival with an attendance of around 7,000 people and the Balanced Breakfast Festival, an annual festival held in San Francisco that is supported by the Balanced Breakfast organization

She has also performed at Sirius XM Radio in Washington, D.C., at Pete Seeger’s Clearwater Festival and at Mountain Jam in New York with Grenadilla, a previous band centered around upbeat melodies, vocal harmonies and South African kwela-flavored rhythms.

Brittany loves to share her passion for music. She believes we all can choose to use the pieces we have to instigate necessary creative expression and connect to others. 

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